Welcome to the YogicAmnesiac

Welcome to my blog! In this video I’ll give you the main run down, but if you don’t feel like watching a video, keeps scrolling and I’ve typed out a similar introduction too! So in this video, and in the post, I’m going to talk about why I chose the name “YogicAmnesiac”, goals for the channel, my goals as an instructor, and how the channel, and blog, will work.

I chose the name YogicAmensiac because I, of course, wanted to incorporate “Yoga” into the channel title.
Secondly, it is also a bit of a play on my name. If you say “I am Nisha”, it almost sounds like “amnesia”. I also thought that “amnesiac” was a good way to remind ourselves to forget everything around us for a bit when we start a practice for the day. You know, to allow yourself to just forget it and relax a little, even if you still want a work out. Even if you aren’t looking for spiritual enlightenment, it is still important to have a few moments to ourselves to forget anything going on during the day!

My goal is to work with people to make them feel better. I would really like to work in helping those facing any obstacles from a bad day, to depression and anxiety, and even physical injuries and limitations. I’d really like to help people overcome PTSD one day as well. Really though, no matter who you are or what your life is, I welcome you to join us! Even if your life is totally perfect and you’re super happy, then we can still hop on the mat together and do a little exercise. I would love to create a super diverse community, so everyone is welcome to join!

I want this channel to really be a place where people can feel comfortable and safe in their experiences. I’d like for anyone, from any background, to be able to join in. We plan on creating a bunch of different routines targeting different lifestyles, but even if it doesn’t seem applicable to you, you can always try it out! Maybe it won’t be for you, or maybe it will. You may also learn something useful from different routines!

I’d really like to create an ultimate “Yoga Catalog”; a place where there are routines for everyone, and each pose and aspect of yoga is explained and easily accessible. If you all show interest, I am even willing to delve into aspects of yoga that may not be emphasized in the practices posted, so that if you choose to incorporate it into your own practice, you have the option to. That would mostly be spiritual things, but I am happy to explain anything, or direct you to resources which may help!

Pretty much, we’re going to be uploading 2 videos a week, which means two posts a week too. We may make a few tweaks here and there as to what kind of video goes up when, but our goal is 1 video Tuesday, and 1 video Thursday. Each upload will vary, but you can expect a full practice routine at least once every two weeks, though we make them a once a week occurrence.
I’ll try to type out the routines on here too, or offer alternative versions of the routine if you want a longer practice here as well!


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