Discouragement – Getting Back on the Mat!

We all have those days/weeks/months/years. For some reason, you just aren’t feeling it. I’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help ward off those periods, and to help get you back on the mat (or back into exercise at all actually).

And, for my friends who prefer to read, I have it typed out below! It’s in list form for your convenience. Or maybe you want both!

#1: Find a Pose to Work Toward
While some instructors might feel that setting a goal like reaching a certain pose may make you ignore the other parts of yoga, if you do your practices safely and well balanced, there’s nothing wrong with it. Pick a pose that you think would be fun to do. A lot of people like poses like Dancer’s Pose, but it could be something like Bow Pose, Pidgeon, Eagle, or even perfecting your Downward Facing Dog.

#2: Create a Routine
This is a bit more  on the prevention side of things, rather than getting you back on the mat. Pick days you want to do your practice. It could be on the weekends, on Mondays, everyday, whenever. I suggest you also pick a specific time. If you break that routine, it’ll feel so weird. Plus humans tend to love routines!

#3: Switch it up!
Maybe it’s time to try a new routine, instructor, type of yoga, etc. Are you feeling bored or stale in your practice? It’s probably time to change it up. Who knows, you might even find something you like WAY more, or maybe you’ll rekindle your love for your original practice.

#4: Don’t get down on Yourself
Try not to compare yourself to others. I always point out that even if two people look like they are doing the pose exactly the same, there will always be nuances between them. They may be experiencing the poses differently. We also all have different limits. There are poses my injury makes it impossible for me to do, and for some, they simply can’t push their bodies any father. It’s all normal. It’s all okay.

#5: Start a Journal
If you write in a journal about your yoga practice every day, that can help you track your progress. If you feel like you aren’t going anywhere, this gives you the opportunity to look back and see that you really have made progress! You can write whatever you’d like in it too. Your struggles, achievements, goals, improvements, notes about your practice, doodles, inspirational quotes, Anything. This can also be part of a daily journal you may already keep, though I find it is easier to write immediately after practicing, there’s nothing wrong with just adding it to an already existing journal that you may keep in the morning or night!
My dance teacher introduced me to this, and it really does make a difference! It also can help new information stick better.

#6: Do Something Else Altogether
Maybe it’s time to do something different. Go for a run, walk, swim, play with a pet. So long as a different option is available to you and your body, why not?

#7: Take a day off
Don’t do anything. Who says you can’t just take a day off? If you really need it, then do nothing today. From just a personal lazy day, to serious depression, we all need a break sometimes.

#8: Do an “Easy” Practice
Do a Tree Pose in the kitchen while you wait for your water to boil, or roll out your mat and just do 2 or 3 stretches. If you can, it’s really important to try to move a little everyday. Plus it could always turn into a full practice! (Just be careful if you’re waiting for your water to boil…)

#9: Do Bed Yoga
Not feeling like getting out of bed? You can still do yoga in bed! Whether you’re feeling lazy, sick, depressed, it’s too early, it’s bedtime, whatever. There are simple poses you can do in bed! You could even make a full bed routine.

Here’s to the off days! We all get them!


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