January Updates!

There’s not too much to say in this post, so it’ll be a short one!

For starters, the holiday’s are over and we’re done moving! We’re in a new place now, and it’s full of good vibes. Maybe the “good vibes” are just the view of the ocean though. Not complaining either way. Being done will all of this means that I have more time to work on the things I love, such as this!

From here on out you can expect two posts a week, unless something happens. This is going to count as my first one, even though it’s not much (sorry!), then there will be a routine going up on Thursday.

This week’s routine is a chair routine. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for that actually. I originally wanted to do a New Year routine to help everyone jump start their practices and figure out goals and intentions. That should be going up next Thursday instead though. It may even be two parts to tackle different aspects of Yoga and to help people discover different things they may want to work on.

That’s about it!


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