Self Love

You say, “wow, you’re really bad at this whole blogging thing.” Well… you’re right, I’m just super bad at it.

You say, “Why are your videos seemingly missing once a month?” Ahem… I hope you’ve put together the “once a month” part with me being MIA.

So for all of you, my friends, I’m going to explain a little bit, why I disappear once a month.

I try not to, but for me, it’s just too much to deal with womanhood and film a video, probably because I’m curled up in a little ball, maybe crying, probably eating candy. As I’m typing this, I have one knee pulled up into my chest, the other foot on the floor curling in and I’m hunched over. For some reason, that’s the only position I seem to get relief.

You also might be thinking why I don’t prepare better and film in advance. Some of that has to do with school, and my life getting in the way, but for me, I also start dealing with random pains a week in advance. I could be fine to do a video, or I could start feeling bad in the middle of a video and the footage would be unusable.

That’s about it. I’m working on ways to deal with this and make it more manageable, but until then, do you have a good remedy for cramps?


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