Compare and Contrast

Let’s just start this up with a little update. I’ve decided I’m going to post more on a whim. Partially because I won’t post routines here, but also because I find there are a lot of little life lessons, which I feel I can draw from and put on here to help myself learn and grow, and perhaps give others a little insight. Plus it’s fun! Why not post a blog post here and there without schedule. 

Recently I’ve been watching friends graduate from University left and right. I think I had something like 5 or 6 friends all graduate on the same DAY. It’s crazy, and I am so unbelievably happy for them, but at the same time, I find myself feeling this immense amount of sadness. Like they’ve accomplished something and I haven’t. For a couple of days I tried to just put it away, because I really am happy for them. I saw another friend graduate today and it hit me AGAIN.

Let’s be honest, pushing anything down and away never really works. I suppose I thought it would pass, and perhaps it would have, but I think in the long run, it’s better to figure this out and make myself realize I don’t need to feel upset about anything.

Since this is based in an insecurity, I thought that even if it did pass, there is something greater I should be looking into.

First off, school has never been for me, and to see the people who have gone to university because they felt it was what they needed to do, rather than what they wanted to do, has made me feel more comfortable in my own decisions. Let’s just say, they weren’t happy. I’m very glad I chose not to go, this gave me the opportunity to start going to school when I felt ready, and even finding ways to work classes into my own schedule better.

I had to combat a lot of pressure to go to a 4 year university, I still do in fact. Feeling like you didn’t achieve what you were supposed to is a serious downer. Talk about feeling like a failure…

When I have that feeling of failure tug at me, I pause to think of why I didn’t go in the first place. I didn’t go, because it made me happier not to go. To me, the benefit of going to a university at that time was outweighed by the happiness and other goals I could achieve by not going.

That is what makes me feel better. I find comparing myself to others to be very deadly. But I have found that when you had the ability to make a decision, it can be easier to accept that it’s OK. Even if now you wish you had done something differently. At the time, it was probably better for you not do said “thing”.

I also have achieved quite a bit. I’ve taken classes at a local community college to find my areas of interest, I’ve become a licensed helicopter pilot and a licensed yoga instructor, AND I’ve got this awesome YouTube and blog thing going for me. I tried things, had fun, and I learned a lot about myself. Did I mention I also got married? All this in the time it took them to get one degree! Psh, I’m wonderful.

That’s a joke! I am wonderful, but they all got something really valuable too. All my friends have had great life experiences, made friends, been in relationships. Heck, I have friends who have been busting their butts off making movies and getting amazing internships! We’ve ALL done amazing things.

I’m having this nice revelation, where, if you take a step back from it all, you’ll notice that you and all of your friends are all equally wonderful in your own ways.

I’d also like to point out that if you just spent the past 4 years working at a McDonald’s or cleaning toilets, you’re just as wonderful too. You’ve worked and earned money, and I’m sure you’ve learned a thing or two, even if you haven’t realized it. I don’t believe anyone’s experiences are any less wonderful or important.

If you’re ever feeling a tab jealous, just take a step back and look at all the different wonderful things you and your friends have done, and even those who you’re jealous of are all super different from each other.

Ahh, I’m definitely happy for everyone now.



Acts of Yoga

Seriously, who knew I could make it 4 days in my 30 day challenge! I’m terrible at commitments, remind me to tell you the story of how my husband got me to marry him. But we’ve done 4 days so far, unfortunately we started out with a slight injury, but I’m starting to feel much better.

My back was just a touch angry at me. So of course, actually doing 30 days of yoga has been out of the question, but it’s those small acts that count! Here’s a little reminder to join me in sharing your acts of yoga on Instagram!

Since I say it all the time, why don’t we talk about what I even mean! First off, it can be anything that involves giving yourself love and care! (Going to the doctor? Act of yoga. Getting your hair done? Act of yoga.) Indulging yourself a little is great for you. If it makes you happy, and if it isn’t hurting you or anyone else, it qualifies!

What isn’t an act of yoga is over indulgences and unhealthy practices, i.e. eating an entire chocolate cake in one sitting alone. Sounds delicious, totally not good for you though. This can also include negative thoughts toward yourself or others. (Sometimes they happen though! Don’t get mad at yourself for a momentary lapse, read my post about 24hrs complaint free if you’re curious about this kind of negative thinking.)

An act of yoga is that fine balance between the two. Your health and care routine doesn’t need to be awful. Beyond being healthy, it should also make you happy. After all, happiness is mental health, and mental health is just as important as physical in yoga.

I find it’s also a good way to remind yourself that you’re doing well. If you’re trying to loose weight, for example, it can seem like a grueling process sometimes, but perhaps your body (or mind) really needs it! It’s a wonderful thing to do for yourself, even if the process is tough. Rewarding yourself once a week with small treats, like rest days or desert after dinner, are wonderful acts to look forward too. Holding off your cravings and working toward a goal an awesome act too. Also super hard! I’m very guilty of snacking and giving into my salty/sweet tooth.

Really, I find many people forget about loving themselves and getting caught up in life, so if you have the chance for a quiet morning cup of tea, enjoy it! That can be your morning yoga today. Just don’t forget to do your proper yoga tomorrow! ❤

If you would like, follow me along on Instagram! Join in yourself and use #actofyoga so I can find you!


Excuse The Abscence

[insert list of excuses here]

In reality though, a lot has been going on. We were unable to stay at our apartment for over a week, which is where I like to film videos. We were at my parents’ house, so I did have the room, but while I had my camera and my tripod, I seemed to never have time. Alan will be leaving for a few months soon, then we’re moving! But we’re really moving this time. OUT OF STATE!! I’m very excited. That, unfortunately, means we’ve been spending a lot of time running around trying to see California for him before all of that moving and leaving nonsense. We do have a little break from all of that for now. That break comes accompanied by a dance performance though so…

So here’s how we’re going to fix that. I wasn’t uploading videos, because I wanted- no, needed- it to be a routine video. I had convinced myself that talks are OK and all, but you are all here for the routines. When I really analyze my train of thought, I remember that I thought talks were just as important, so if I can’t give you a routine, I WILL give you a talk. I can do at least that. And even if you are here for a routine, at least you know I’m still around if I upload a video.

Next, I’m making up my own 30 days of yoga challenge. You can imagine that I’ve been very bad about practicing yoga. So that’s going to happen and here’s how: I’m either going to upload a picture of myself, or of something that inspires me to do yoga, or I consider an act of yoga. All pictures will be my own though, no reposts. While I will try to practice yoga everyday, that doesn’t mean I’ll snap a picture. I want to get back into yoga without worrying too much about presentation, though I’ll but sure to get a picture up of me doing yoga in the next couple days!
I also hope that this will help all of you learn the small “acts of yoga” I always talk about. I’ll tag the posts #actofyoga so that you can follow me easily or join in!

Follow me on Instagram to see the pictures, or check my Instagram feed on here if you don’t have one! You may notice something you recognize in the first picture.

Let’s start day 1 off right! Mmmm… I’m feeling better already