Excuse The Abscence

[insert list of excuses here]

In reality though, a lot has been going on. We were unable to stay at our apartment for over a week, which is where I like to film videos. We were at my parents’ house, so I did have the room, but while I had my camera and my tripod, I seemed to never have time. Alan will be leaving for a few months soon, then we’re moving! But we’re really moving this time. OUT OF STATE!! I’m very excited. That, unfortunately, means we’ve been spending a lot of time running around trying to see California for him before all of that moving and leaving nonsense. We do have a little break from all of that for now. That break comes accompanied by a dance performance though so…

So here’s how we’re going to fix that. I wasn’t uploading videos, because I wanted- no, needed- it to be a routine video. I had convinced myself that talks are OK and all, but you are all here for the routines. When I really analyze my train of thought, I remember that I thought talks were just as important, so if I can’t give you a routine, I WILL give you a talk. I can do at least that. And even if you are here for a routine, at least you know I’m still around if I upload a video.

Next, I’m making up my own 30 days of yoga challenge. You can imagine that I’ve been very bad about practicing yoga. So that’s going to happen and here’s how: I’m either going to upload a picture of myself, or of something that inspires me to do yoga, or I consider an act of yoga. All pictures will be my own though, no reposts. While I will try to practice yoga everyday, that doesn’t mean I’ll snap a picture. I want to get back into yoga without worrying too much about presentation, though I’ll but sure to get a picture up of me doing yoga in the next couple days!
I also hope that this will help all of you learn the small “acts of yoga” I always talk about. I’ll tag the posts #actofyoga so that you can follow me easily or join in!

Follow me on Instagram to see the pictures, or check my Instagram feed on here if you don’t have one! You may notice something you recognize in the first picture.

Let’s start day 1 off right! Mmmm… I’m feeling better already


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