A Discussion of Literature

I just had the most wonderful evening. I spoke with two men I know about writing. We spoke of many other things, but this conversation in particular struck me.

While we sat out side, one taking the occasional drag of his cigarette like a true artist, I asked him what he did. He told me one of his hobbies was writing.

The three of us began talking passionately about writing. Our writing. At least the two of us did. The third had very good information and knowledge on the general topic of writing, which will forever be immensely valuable to me.

I was genuinely interested in hearing about this guy’s ideas and stories. His plans and what he enjoyed writing. He seems genuinely interested in the same things I was saying as well. There came a point, when I had finally felt comfortable enough to divulge some details and story behind what I had been writing all these years. He seemed extremely excited and interested. It was as if he thought I had actually struck something. My other friend seemed genuinely interested too!

It was an amazing moment where I truly felt inspired. I had to continue. I need to put my heart and soul into this and try to get something out of it. I don’t think that what I’ve written is to be held at the same level of genius as many authors, but I do believe, that someone will enjoy it. Somewhere out there, there is another human who would want to read this book.

So I’m going to do it. I’m going to finish this and put in all the last details I was too lazy to add. I’m going to actually ask people I am close to and trust to read it. I’m going to ask for input and face criticism to better myself and my writing.

I’m going to publish a book.


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