Dos and Don’ts of Beauty – Rant Time

We interrupt the normally eloquent blog posts to bring you this. Excuse me, but I need to rant real quick…

Does anyone else feel like the “Do and Don’t” makeup videos make no sense?

Not only is beauty entirely subjective, makeup is also a form of self expression. Some even say it’s an art form!

If makeup is supposed to improve my self confidence, if makeup is for me, if makeup is self expression… You can’t tell me what not to do.

ALSO, culturally, makeup differs from place to place. So by saying that you shouldn’t have heavy eyeliner on the bottom of your eye is disregarding what other cultures find beautiful and fun. Also, girl, I look damn good with heavy eyeliner on my lower lash line.

I don’t care if you started your video by saying, “Everyone can do their makeup how they want.” You’re still running the risk of making someone feel bad, or feel wrong. You’re essentially saying, “No offence, but you suck at makeup.”

Seriously, no one sucks at makeup. I may not do my makeup like you do yours, but our faces are completely different.

You wanna know the REAL list we should be spreading?

Don’t use products that aren’t meant for your face. Don’t use products where they aren’t meant to be used. Don’t listen to people who say anything negative about your makeup or lack thereof.

DO love yourself and embrace this form of self expression. Do allow it to improve what you want to be improved to feel better. Do wear makeup that makes you feel sexy.

Finally, do wear makeup if that’s what you want, regardless of your gender.

[drops mic] Namaste


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