Dance, Dance!

[Insert Fall Out Boy lyrics here]

So class has started up again, which for me means I’m dancing again. That’s about it though. I’m not taking any other classes this semester because we need to move in the middle and I am a mess right now.

I am glad to have dance again, AND a performance coming up at the end of September. I’m so excited for this. I also need to work on choreographing a solo, or “learning” the music so I can “improvise” on the spot, but that’s just for my class. I promised my instructor I would do a solo this semester before I left and I plan on keeping that promise.

I honestly don’t mind if she doesn’t remember. This is something I need to do for me. I want to do it for her, kind of like a thank you, to show her how far I’ve come. But I need to do it for me to prove that I can do a solo.

Let’s be honest, there aren’t any mistakes in solos, they’re just improvisations. My issue is that I love choreography, but can’t seem to choreograph my own dance. I try, but it never really works for me. I stop halfway through, or I just grumble and give up. It seems the best method would be just doing it, no choreography. Perhaps knowing the song, and figuring out a general structure, moves that go well with it overall, and small parts of choreography, but I really just need an outline.

Now I just need to pick a music piece. I would love something short, but I can only seem to find long pieces that I like, like Sonic Muse by Govinda. Like 4min long. Which isn’t that long for a song, but when you’re doing your first solo, it’s long… And no, I am not going to dance to a Fall Out Boy song.


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