I’m Saying This Once

Stop being a dick.

Excuse the language, but it’s the best way to put it.

There’s a lot of fear in this world right now. Uncertainty as to what the future will hold, in the U.S. we’re dealing with a presidential election in which many people aren’t happy with either of the major candidates. People are getting shot, there’s racism, sexism, and just general hatred toward each other. (I am not going to express my political opinion.)

You should stand up for what you believe in and express your opinions. You should share your ideas, hopes, and dreams with the world. Present solutions you think would work. Don’t forget to listen to others though. That’s how we get to a solution, is by listening to each other, working together. By. Not. Being. Dicks.

This post is for those of us who take it too far in our disagreements. Who decide to throw conversation out the window and be rude, uncivilized humans.

Name calling, insults, anything like that is NOT the answer. No matter what you believe, who you support, your opinions, you should never insult someone. You should never stoop so low as to call them names. There’s no need for sarcasm or snide remarks. Being passive aggressive is out too.

In times where it seems no one agrees, we need to be kind to one another. Talk, offer support, and be welcoming to new ideas. And above all, be willing to have your mind changed, and accept that others have done the same.

It isn’t hard either. I’d say it’s actually much easier. I understand that when one person resorts to being rude it feels easy to respond with the same animosity, but you shouldn’t. I’m not saying you should show them kindness and be all sweet and wonderful to them, but you have options of non-dickishness.

Ask them why they disagree with you. Try to start a dialogue about what they think rather than letting the rudeness continue. Maybe you two can talk it our, or perhaps they felt attacked by something you said even though you didn’t mean it that way. Misunderstandings happen, and people can also channel their emotions into constructive conversation. Just don’t say “Calm down” or anything like that. That’s a bad idea and implies their anger is poorly founded. No one needs that in their life. If you think they need a minute, just say “Maybe we should come back to this later” or something along those lines.
Call them out, say that what they said was uncalled for. If the have a problem with what you said, they should give you a good explanation or not say anything at all. Like I said, rude remarks are never OK.
Or don’t say anything to them at all. Someone who’s resorted to insults probably isn’t worth your time, and there’s a good chance you won’t get any good conversation out of them if their opening line is an attack.

By continuing the berating, you aren’t any better than them. You should be where conflicts end. Not where they escalate.

This is also stuff you should remember when you see or hear something you disagree with. Bring up points why you disagree, be respectful about how you do it, and actually listen to them.

What is really important in this time, is we stick together, no matter what. We have to support each other. It doesn’t matter who wins the election, or anything else, if we can’t be nice and live with each other. The president is just one person, but the rest of us, we need to get along. We don’t need to be friends, we don’t even need to like each other, but we can’t be cruel to one another. If you disagree so much that you make each other’s blood boil, step away. You probably shouldn’t be interacting anyway, unless you can have a constructive conversation and put those feelings aside.

No matter what, take the high road. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Whatever other saying you want. What it all boils down to:

Don’t be a dick.


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