My Life is Literally Crazy…

I’m sorry I’ve been away and totally missing from here and all my other social media!

Starting way back in June or July of last year, 2016, my husband was away in Texas for three and a half months, when he came back, we immediately started packing up and moved to Colorado! How fun!

In November, once all our stuff was packed up and we were getting ready to move in, my husband got orders for a nine month deployment starting in January. Yes, 9 months. So we found a house, moved all our stuff in, and flew back to California where we spent Christmas and where I stayed behind when he left.

So now, I’m in California, without my stuff, and totally all over the place and stressed out and HONESTLY, 2 months notice for a 9 month deployment? Army life is the worst…

So essentially, blame the army for my absence since I haven’t actually had a chance to settle down anywhere.

But with all that insanity, I’m having a good time with my family and friends in this area. We’re also 2 months into this deployment! So the end is coming closer everyday.

I am also surprisingly happy, I think it’s my new birth control. So anyone who thinks their birth control might be contributing to their depression,  that’s totally possible and you should talk to your doctor about switching.

I finally have time again though, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to blog a little more and make some more yoga videos! So let me know if there’s anything yoga related you have questions about. I’m really doing fine, so don’t worry about me, but it does mean I’m sort of not always writing on my blog or making videos.