About YogicAmnesiac

I also love doing makeup!

Outside of Yoga, I’m a generally fun loving person. I have an immense amount of love, especially for all 4-legged furry animals (though if they’re too furry they make me sneeze). I also play video games and can fly helicopters. I do have a private pilot’s license for helicopters, however, I am a bit out of practice at the moment. I also enjoy belly dancing! If you read a post and hear me mention that I dance, that’s what I mean. I have done a few other styles here and there, and plan on taking more styles, but belly dance is my favorite!

I am half Indian, and have traveled to India numerous times to spend time with my family there. While I wouldn’t say that the spiritual side of Yoga is something I weigh heavily on, or will make an important part of any practice I share, it is something I know bits and pieces about and learned during my travels there. I would be happy to answer questions, and ask my family for more information when I can’t provide answers that are complete and well informed. After all, we never really stop learning!

I grew up doing Yoga with my mother, then in high school I got injured. Yoga was a way to help heal myself while still getting exercise and building strength. It was the only way, really. After years of doing yoga, it absolutely has helped.

My goal is to have fun doing Yoga and help other people come out and have fun with me! I currently hold a 240 hour certificate from Aura Wellness Center, and I plan to continue my education, so that I can provide safe, well informed, and enjoyable classes/posts/videos.
I want this to be a safe area for everyone who is interested and I promise to do my best to be inclusive of all backgrounds and identities. If you ever feel out of place, left out, or un-cared for, call me out! I will try harder with every correction.

That’s my story, tell me yours!


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